ladyWe are a full-service, third-party Trust Administration Company, with a focus on assisting charities and clients that have a desire to provide a legacy to their favorite charity; while protecting assets by minimizing taxes and maximizing income for family members.

Uses of a Charitable Trust

A charitable trust may be an extremely beneficial tool for a family seeking financial security who also have a desire to benefit their favorite charity. A charitable trust provides the ability to sell a single, or a few, concentrated stocks, real estate or a family business without paying any capital gain tax. As with most great ideas, there are challenges to be faced in accomplishing the desired result.

There are typically three parties who may assume the responsibility of trustee; the charity, the donor, or an outside trust company. The choice of which entity to use is made by the donor, in most circumstances, and generally they have the authority to change the trustee at their discretion.

The trustee of a charitable trust typically has two major duties. The first is the investment management of trust assets. The second is the trust administration duties of accounting, tax filings, and cash distributions. These types of trusts are considered “split-interest” trusts; therefore the trustee has the fiduciary duty to manage trust assets for the benefit of both the donor and the charity who will ultimately receive the trust proceeds.

Services For Your Organization

The benefits of a planned giving program for organizations are numerous. A well-developed planned giving program provides options for your supporters and encourages estate planning — a plus for any benefactor and his or her family members. The selection available to donors is extensive. With the advice of a knowledgeable administrator, a solution can be created that corresponds with their goals and financial situation.

Services For Individuals

We provide services for individuals, families and private foundations. Estate planning is more than deciding which relative gets what when you die. By setting up a charitable remainder trust, you have an opportunity to leave something to a charity that is close to your heart, while minimizing estate tax and current income tax burdens.

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